🐭 Adventures of the Miso Mice 

Playful, whimsical stories of five very curious fantastical Miso Mice

as they embark on their exciting quests travelling the Universe.


All of the 🐭 Adventures of the Miso Mice novels are available in paperback and eBook in

English, Spanish, and French.

🐭 Adventures of the Miso Mice 

Discover five very curious fantastical Miso Mice on their quest to find The Answer Book, given to them by a magical button found floating out of a treasure chest! Their travels take them on exciting galactic adventures with Kaame, the sea horse riding sprite, and the Zodiac Girls who help starfish go skyward, but beware, as they cross paths with the devious Lobsta Clamdestino!

💫The Quantum Entanglement Party   

Oh no – the treasure chest and magical button are gone!  Did the nefarious Lobsta Clamdestino steal them?  Without them, will the Miso Mice finish their quest to find The Answer Book?  Go on more crazy and magical adventures as the Miso Mice attend a very entangled party, receive the rare gift of Tem-E-Laks, and then go Timewalking.

🌈Misos on a Mission  

The Answer Book is still missing…will it ever be found?!  Find out as the Miso Mice visit the Rainbow Bridge and Suzy Butterfly’s Center for Awareness Techniques where OctavioKat jumpstarts all their wacky energy tools propelling the Miso Mice on more adventures as they search for that elusive Answer Book.

👼Observatory of the Infinite    

The Miso Mice are at it again this time marshalling an interstellar galactic force (including angels!) from the Observatory of the Infinite to save the Zodiac Girls and universally renowned singing group of orange slices The Segments who have been scooped up by Mu Ono Lepton, a black hole negative energy catcher.  Will the Miso Mice arrive in time?

🐭  Adventures of the Miso Mice

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2023.04.01  🐭 “Adventures of the Miso Mice”; 2024.07.01 💫The Quantum Entanglement Party

Meet Annette Czech Kopp, Chronicler of the 🐭 Adventures of the Miso Mice

Annette is a graduate of Northwestern University and a Principal Consultant for Kopp Company. She is the editor of the Kopp Chronicles series of Amazon & Goodreads 5-Star acclaimed novels which have been nominated for Reader's Choice Awards, Goodreads Choice Awards and numerous "Cover of the Month" & "Book of the Day" Honors. The novels have also received a glowing review and featured “First Lines” in "Publishers Weekly" and “Reader’s Favorite” (respected by renowned publishers such as Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins).  Additionally, she is the author of Modernizing Your Personnel Management System (copyright 1985 by Alexander Hamilton Institute; Ramsey, NJ 07446).


Personally, Annette, dreamer, avid sea shell seeker and beach explorer is honored and humbled to be chosen by the Miso Mice for this once in a Universe opportunity.  Born and raised in Parma Hts., OH she wrote and produced plays with her neighborhood elementary school friends using garages as stages and charging only $.05 for attendance (popcorn was free).  Although the play and story writing continued, productions were halted as the actors were lax in putting away everything they had lugged out of houses.   Her love of making up stories continued in life, ultimately shared with her 2 sons as they created the Miso Mice in the 1990’s and imbued them with superpowers, and as Pokemon was very popular at that time, individual trading cards.


One of 5 sisters, in March 2020 (think pandemic), they began zooming together every week, ended up calling the sessions IdleChatter5 (cheaper than therapy!), and even creating a website summarizing all of their chatter!  Many of the topics discussed were about what they termed "The Self Project" - creating their own future selves.  They literally spend (as they continue to zoom even now) up to 3 hours almost every week chattering.  Conversations range from the exchange of what each sister is doing this week, health information and recipes, to discussing time travel, the multiverse, and questions such as “why are we here” and “what are we doing here” (here meaning Earth)?  These sessions changed Annette’s way of thinking about everything - realizing that she can (as the Miso Mice say) "choose'ndo" (associated with Universe rule #1: everything gets to choose).  This attitude and awareness, that everything is Annette’s choice, totally transformed her life both physically and mentally.  She lost 40 lbs; lowered her blood pressure; is now consciously aware of what she eats; and swims and walks daily.  Annette wanted to share this information with others - that you can create your own future self (if you want) - as it has brought her great joy - but many of the concepts discussed were very academic (and to Annette’s mind boring) in nature.  Voila - enter the fantasy world in the 🐭 Adventures of the Miso Mice, a different take on the life changing, reinvention, health, lifestyle, type of books, presenting these themes in a fun, fantastical manner with language and pictures that can be understood at many levels by all ages through the shenanigans of these 5 whimsical fantastical mice (and yes their characters are indeed based on me (guess who I am!!) and my 4 sisters). She can’t chronicle quickly enough the adventures of these fantastical Miso Mice and book #6 is almost completed!! 

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